Cheese Cheese and More Cheese Please

Everywhere you turn, there is a cheese shop. (We opted to pop into the Henri Willig Cheese Shop.) Ready for tasting, wrapping, and taking home one additional remembrance treat from our journey to Amsterdam.

Henri Willig Cheese Shop

Henri Willig Cheese Shop
Amsterdam, NL



The welcome mat is ready for you to step down for a “slice” of heaven.


Even the street scene is a cheese temptation.



When driving, sometimes you just have to stop on the side of the road and enjoy the scene that nature is providing. Maybe even capture it – as it “develops” through its ongoing process. There may be other views shared from this beautiful occurrence so I hope you come back to enjoy more in the future.

3092 cropped Eastern Lake at 30A Rosemary Beach FL

March 2016


Walk through Wills Park

You never know who or what you’ll come across on a morning walk in Wills Park. We set out to work toward our daily goal of 10K steps in different surroundings.


Snapping turtle

Biggest Snapping turtle we have ever seen. It was “parked” in the middle of the walking path for all to see. Check out that nearly “gator sized” tail!


Stopped by Ashley’s tree during the Jumpers event.




Met a new “dog friend” out for a walk. He was happy to get some free petting while resting from the heat.


So many things to see and enjoy on a walk about in the park. Look all around, up and down and you might discover enjoyable experiences in addition to the exercise from the walk.